Developed by the Board of Trustees (BoT) and school administrators in 2015, CAC’s Strategic Plan 2020 (CAC 2020) includes input from multiple constituencies in the CAC community. Groups consulted include teachers, staff, students, parents, and alumni. The plan was approved through a vote of the BoT on May 26, 2015. It guides our administrators, faculty, and staff as they continuously work to make CAC the premiere international school in Egypt. CAC 2020 focuses on improving four key areas: enhancing learning, supporting teachers and educators, building community, and improving facilities and resources. Below you can see the goals that we seek to achieve in each of these areas by 2020.


CAC positively contributes to the community through a rigorous and authentic educational program.

  • Goal 1.1 Students consistently embody CAC Core Values inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Goal 1.2 CAC students identify problems and needs, and develop, test, and implement solutions.
  • Goal 1.3 All students are being challenged to grow in a variety of ways.
  • Goal 1.4 All students engage in meaningful community service.
  • Goal 1.5 CAC’s curriculum is fully documented.
  • Goal 1.6 CAC values all positive forms of learning and achievement



CAC attracts and develops passionate and exemplary educators.

  • Goal 2.1 CAC has a top-tier professional development program.
  • Goal 2.2 CAC enhances teacher well¬being and enjoyment of life in Egypt.


CAC cultivates diversity and interconnectedness in our community.

  • Goal 3.1 CAC promotes discovery and appreciation of the rich culture and history of Cairo and Egypt.
  • Goal 3.2 CAC creates a complementary culture between home and school that reinforces the CAC Mission.
  • Goal 3.3 CAC enhances relationships in our community across cultural boundaries.



CAC offers inspiring facilities that support learning, wellness, and community; our resources are used efficiently and allocated to support our mission.

  • Goal 4.1 Phase III of CAC’s Master Plan is completed by August 2017.
  • Goal 4.2 CAC regularly reviews and updates its master plan to ensure that school facilities support and inspire 22nd-century learning.
  • Goal 4.3 CAC has a long-¬term maintenance plan that ensures annual review and improvement of the physical plant.
  • Goal 4.4 CAC’s Office of Alumni and Community Engagement meets agreed¬-upon fundraising, communications, and alumni and community engagement targets.
  • Goal 4.5 CAC’s resources are allocated efficiently and in a manner aligned with both the CAC Mission and our financial and population realities.

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