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Greetings and welcome to the CAC Website. We are pleased with your interest in CAC and thank you for your time. 

CAC has about 815 students this year (the number varies as families come and go) and we are proud of our diversity: CAC students come from over 50 different countries. Our teaching team is also international (10 countries represented), and together this wonderful mixure produces incredible learning each day.

CAC is a robust school with a storied history. Serving the international population of Cairo since 1945, CAC has grown from its early roots into a vibrant learning community of over 800 students, PreK-12th grade.  Our outstanding academic programs consistently earn students spots in top universities around the world, and our comprehensive extra-curricular programs include championship sports teams, outstanding performing and visual arts programs, and a full slate of community service activities that engage students in the world outside our walls. We are extremely fortunate to be located in Egypt, a country that provides incrediblly rich offerings for exploration, from palentology to archeology, geology to marine biology, there is more to explore than most people will be able to see during their time posted in Cairo. CAC's field trips and Egypt Culture curriculum aim to expose CAC students to the wonders of this incredible nation. Currently, residents of Cairo are able to witness the birth pangs of democracy--an amazing educational opportunity in itself.

We would love to have you visit our campus and learn more about what CAC has to offer. We are not only the oldest international school in Cairo; we believe we are the best! Come and have a look!

Wayne Rutherford

1 Midan Digla, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt | Phone: +2-02-27555555