What laptop should our family purchase?

Your choice of laptop should match your child’s or family's educational needs. The educational program of some students only requires them to do Internet research, word processing and occasional multimedia presentations. In this case, simple, somewhat inexpensive laptops may meet their needs. Some 1:1 programs are even exploring the use of Chromebooks, smart phones and iPads with Internet, word processing and spreadsheet applications to satisfy their school computing needs. Students should check the requirements of their class syllabuses before selecting this as an option. Some students who take multimedia-rich electives probably will prefer high-end laptops that easily handle video and other large graphic editing. The nice thing about our program is that the choice and expense are up to you. To help you with this, you can use the following minimum specifications as a guide when purchasing your family-owned laptop. Most school-related tasks can be accomplished with the following recommended specifications, similar to those we use for purchasing our desktop and laptop computers. Both Mac and PC models will meet these minimum specifications. The laptop you choose may meet more.
We recommend the following minimum specifications for a family owned, BYOD laptops (PC or Mac). These minimum requirements are designed to ensure students have a device which enables them to fully participate in educational activities and be supported appropriately by teachers and technicians.