- MacIntosh (OS 10.4 or higher), Windows 7 or higher (English language only)
- Laptop
- Platform must support Adobe Flash and editing of Google Docs.
- Platform must have a physical keyboard suitable for touch-typing.
*iPads and other slate-type computing devices may be used at times, but do not meet all these requirements and are unsuitable as the only device for the student.

- Three years maximum
Memory (RAM)
- Minimum 2GB
- 4 GB or more for new purchases
* Lack of RAM can result in severe degradation in speed for the students.
Processor Type
- Multicore
Recovery from Standby
- 1 minute maximum
Audio / Video
- Students will need headphones or earphones as well as a built-in or external microphone.
- Web camera
- Must be suited to touch typing. (Keyboards used in school are United States layout.)
- 802.11 G or N