Battery Life

- Two hours or more battery power. If purchasing, get the most amount of battery (6 cells or more) possible.
- An extra charged battery is desirable but optional.

Power Adapter
Students are required to have a power adapter during the school day for use in the class if their battery runs out.
- An extra power cord is desirable, so it can be kept at school for any necessary recharging.
- Power cords must match the Egyptian regulation. Other power cords may require that the student bring an adapter.
Required Software
Most of the software, below are free or open source.
- Browsers: Latest English version of Firefox and Google Chrome
- Plugins: Latest versions of Flash, Java, Silverlight
- Acrobat PDF Reader 10 or above or Foxit Reader
- Office suite such as MS Office, iWork, OpenOffice 3.2
- VLC Media Player
- Antivirus (Free versions such as AVG or avast! are sufficient)
- Students should have sufficient rights to update and install appropriate software