For new devices, we recommend you purchase a complete care warranty that covers accidental breakage. If the computer is purchased outside of Egypt, verify with the seller that the warranty is international, will be honored in Egypt and that the company has the capability to fix the particular model in Egypt with a 1 or 2 business day turn around. While these warranties tend to be more expensive, they do provide peace of mind.

Location in Home
While not really a device specification, we recommend that the laptop or mobile device be kept and used in a public place in your home, such as a living room or family room, where hours and work can be more easily supervised.

Computer Contingency Fee
As a 21st Century School, the devices are necessary for class. Occasionally a student will arrive at school and find his or her device or computer doesn't have power, isn’t functioning correctly, does not start, etc. A small number of laptops will be provided for students who lack access to a laptop on a short-term basis.

For students requiring a loan computer for an extended period, Used Mac laptops will be available for a $450 US fee a year. Liability for these laptops will follow the same agreement in place for the Middle School Laptop Program which states:
- I understand that priority is given to school use of this equipment and therefore, my use is subject to cancellation in the event of a conflict with a school event or if the school deems that it is in its best interest to cancel the rental of the equipment.
- I also assume responsibility for returning the equipment clean and in the condition it was received.
- I hereby accept responsibility for the care of this laptop computer. If it is lost or damage while in my care, I understand I may be charged for its repair or replacement.
- All school owned laptops use on campus will follow the current CAC liability policy, agreements and practices for school owned equipment used by students.