Terms of Use/AUP


Acceptable Use Policy (or Responsible Use Policy)

The CAC School Board grants authorized users the privilege to use CAC computers and network to access the Internet for information gathering, communication, and technology integration in support of the CAC curriculum. Should a conflict arise between personal use and educational use of the Internet or computer equipment, priority will always be given for educational use. CAC Information Services developed the following responsible user agreements as a guide.

Any digital communication/computing device, hardware or software component of information, media and communication technology (including social networking) installed, in use or emerging in relation to the CAC community must be: Legal, Appropriate, Responsible and Kind. “LARK”


The CAC Mission, Beliefs and Objectives will guide Internet content filtering, technology and use. This document may be adjusted at any time to address emerging uses of technology. Our website version is most accurate.

Violation of this policy will be considered a violation of the CAC Code of Conduct or appropriate behavior with disciplinary measure consistent with those outlined in the Student/Parent /Employee handbooks. Any accidental access to inappropriate material should be reported to the closest supervising faculty immediately.

We (Student, Parent and Staff) have read the above policy and guidelines. By our enrollment in CAC and/or usage of CAC digital tools, network and Internet access, we agree to be responsible for and abide by this agreement

Check outConnectSafely.org for resources to help guide your child's use of the internet. Parents' Guides click here

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