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 pdfDocumentIcon  Elementary School Confidential Teacher Recommendation/Reference  (PreK/Kindergarten)
 pdfDocumentIcon  Elementary School Confidential Teacher Recommendation/Reference  (Grades 1-5)
 pdfDocumentIcon  Middle and High School Counselor/Principal Recommendation  (Grades 6-11)
 pdfDocumentIcon  Middle and High School Math Teacher Confidential Recommendation (Grades 6–11)
 pdfDocumentIcon  Middle and High School English or Social Studies Teacher Confidential Recommendation (Grades 6–11)

To be completed by the student's Teacher and Counselor/Principal. Elementary school (Grades PreK - 5) applicants must submit one from the current classroom teacher; Middle and High school applicants (Grades 6 - 12) must submit one from the Math teacher, one from the English or Social Studies teacher and one from the Counselor/Principal. These documents are school-to-school documents and must arrive at the CAC admissions office directly from either the teacher or the school.


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