Eagle Eye 04-13-2017

Principals’ Message CAC was alive with the sound of authentic Egyptian music, the smell of Egyptian Baladi bread, and the sight of people coming to school in all styles of Egyptian dress, artisans and vendors. We were all celebrating our annual Egypt Festival - a celebration of our host country’s culture in its many aspects and phases. Students shared their knowledge through different performances during the morning assembly. They were involved in hands-on activities throughout the day. The entire elementary community enjoyed a luscious Egyptian Lunch. What a marvellous day!

We hope everyone has an enjoyable and restful Spring Break wherever you may be.

Core Values

Grade 1 and 4 reading buddies

Egypt Festival opening assembly

Vendors, artists, Egyptian dress

What's for lunch

Please see next week’s menu here.

Monday April 24. Koshari.


• Spring Break April 14- 22. Return to school Sunday April 23
• School holiday April 25 (Sinai Liberation Day). No school
• ES Family Picnic April 26, PreK 11-11:30am and Grades KG-5 12:10-12:50am
• Talent Show April 27
• Labour Day holiday, May 1, no school.


Please join us for our annual Talent Show

Thursday, April 27th
5:30 -­ 6:15 ­ Grades PreK ­- 2 Talent Show
6:15 -­ 6:45 ­ Intermission
6:45 -­ 7:30 ­ Grades 3­ - 5 Talent Show

Tickets are 30LE each. They will be sold during recess and lunch all next week.


All Acts in the Talent Show will have a final rehearsal in the CAC Theatre from 3:15-5:15 on Wednesday, April 26th.
Please note there will not be any late bus service, so please ensure your child has an alternate pick-up plan. If your child is a bus rider, please contact the Motor Pool Manager to inform them your child will not be on the bus on Wednesday, April 26th.
All Acts need to be READY in the Theatre at 5pm on Thursday, April 27th.

Please contact Ms. Dolly if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
Ms. Dolly, Ms. Ana, and Ms. Hebba - your Talent Show team

Swimming Starts Sunday 23rd April
After the Spring break on Sunday 23rd April students in KG - Grade 5 will begin swimming in PE in their 1 hour lesson each week for the remainder of the school year. Please remember to send a swimsuit, towel and goggles with your swimmer. Swimmers with long hair must either wear a swim cap or have their hair tied back.

As a reminder each classes swimming days are:
Sunday - 3H, 1C, 2R and 4C
Monday - 5G, 3C, 1S and 4D
Tuesday (will start on May 2 because of a holiday on the April 25)- KGC, KGS and 4S Wednesday - 3W, 5K, 2K and 4F
Thursday - 1M, 5O and 2M
Students will need to wear their full PE uniform in all 30 minute classes for the remainder of the year. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact your child’s PE teacher. Sarah Harman Grades PreK, Kg, Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 5
Dion Van Meerten Grade 2 and Grade 4


Counseling Corner

Positive Discipline

The past couple of weeks have been dedicated to Positive Discipline strategies that help us, as adults, to stay more positive when interacting with kids. This week is dedicated to strategies when dealing with back talk. Take a look at Back Talk by Jane Nelson and let us know what you think.


Core Value 
The core value for April is Courage. In the elementary school at CAC, we define courage as, “being brave in words and actions”. You can help your child understand the different ways in which people show courage by making connections with characters in the books that you read.

   Carey Harris                                    Dana Purpura

Guidance Counselor                         School Counselor
charris@g-cacegypt.org                   dpurpura@g-cacegypt.org



End of Year Assessments

Dear Parents,

As May approaches, it is time for CAC to conduct year end assessments. All year end assessments allow teachers, parents, and students to gauge levels of learning through external assessments. External assessments are important as they provide a different point of data about student learning. CAC limits the number of external assessments to the minimum necessary to provide useful information for all stakeholders.

After spring break, this year, there will be two cross division assessments: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL).

MAP testing is administered to grades 3 - 9 each fall and spring in the subjects of Mathematics, Reading, and Language Usage. CAC will be testing from May 2 - 18. East test is conducted via computers and lasts approximately an hour. Individual student results will be shared with you in early June. Overall school results will be communicated to the school community in early June and at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year..

MAP is an adaptive criterion referenced test, meaning that it determines the performance level of each individual student. Students receive a RIT (Rasch Unit) score which places students on a continuum.

There is no “grade level” standard, but there are averages for a grade level. The spring tests are important as they will show your child’s individual growth from the fall testing session. More information about RIT is located at the MAP site.

AAPPL is a proficiency assessment for world languages. This is the second year that we have administered AAPPL in grades 4 - 12, Arabic, French, and Spanish. As with MAP, assessments are conducted on the computer and results will be sent home. The assessments take up to 30 minutes. Teachers in individual classes will administer AAPPL during the month of May.

Teachers will inform students of their testing day for each assessment. Please ensure that your child has a good night’s rest the previous evening and a good breakfast each test day. Encourage your child to take each assessment seriously.

Please let me or David Chadwell, Curriculum Coordinator, ( dchadwell@g-cacegypt.org  ) know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your continued support.



CAC Basketball Skill Development for grades 5 - 8

CAC Basketball Skill Development is designed to give students an opportunity to develop and build upon their skills and knowledge of the game in an inclusive environment while building and strengthening relationships with their peers.

CAC Basketball Skill Development is aimed at students in grades 5-8, both genders, and no experience is necessary.

When: Wednesdays (April 26-May 24) 6:000pm-7:00pm
Where: Main Gym
Who: CAC Coaches/Volunteers Parents of grades 5,

please use this link to sign up . CLICK HERE