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PreK 3 and KG both enjoyed a fun day at school where they got their own farm visit experience. Due to Covid-19 mitigation measures, and because the learning and fun never stop at CAC, our ES staff took the initiative to bring over a small farm for the students to see on campus. 

In PYP KG program, the students had just started learning a new unit of inquiry; Sharing the Planet. The central idea is to study how living beings rely on their environments to survive. As a part of their exploration and inquiry cycle, students had the opportunity to experience a visit from the ArtyScience Farm. During the farm's visit, students were able to see some living farm animals commonly found in Egypt, ask questions as well as learn more about the animal's needs from our guests. Students also drew diagrams of the animals seen, and took notes in their journals in regards to the animals’ needs or any other interesting facts they learned. 

Simultaneously, our PreK 3 students were also learning about Egyptian farms, as part of their Egypt Culture Curriculum. They were learning the importance of animals and birds such as sheep, rabbits, goats, chickens, and ducks in Egyptian culture. They were also learning about the most important plants and crops in Egypt. The farm gave the children some first-hand knowledge of concepts they had been working on in class.

It was a wonderful morning of learning for our Pre-K students. It was so heart-warming to see the youngest children standing anxiously at the windows of their classrooms waiting for the animals to arrive.

The students were able to spend time feeding goats, a duck and goose, chickens and rabbits. They were also able to pet chicks and baby pigeons as they learned about the different features of the animals that enable them to thrive in different environments. The children also had the opportunity to plant foul beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and sweet potato in their playground at school, so they can watch them as they grow.

PreK 3 students have continued to share their understandings on what resources from our planet are used in different ways. The teachers have discussed what products come from trees and the many different ways that water, metal, plastics and oil derivatives can be used. The students took a walk around the school and identified natural items versus man made items and the links between them.

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