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One of the many perks of working at Cairo American College, is living in a beautiful country that is so rich in culture and that has an incredible history. Because of its geographical location at the crossroads of North Africa and the Middle East, Egypt has a highly diverse society . 

With an estimated population of over 100 million, Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world. Within Cairo’s metropolitan area is evidence of every civilization in the 6,000-year history of the Nile Valley. The city is a center of culture and history. 

There are countless travel destinations locally, and an abundance of activities for everyone to do. From the Mediterranean beaches in Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh and Fayoum (the largest oasis in Egypt) to the Sinai Peninsula, St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba, Taba, Hurghada and the Red Sea destinations; the possibilities are endless. 

Our school is located in the wonderful leafy suburban district of Maadi, Cairo. Maadi is well known for its abundance of trees and greenery. Many of the residents in Maadi are expats, so the general community is rather diverse. In addition, many fascinating archaeological sites are within a day’s drive from Cairo such as  Giza, Saqqara, Memphis, Meidum and Hawarra. Near Maadi, there are two villages; Harrania and Kerdassa which are famous for their weaving and fabric.

Our community members have been enjoying the time to travel around Egypt and have delightfully shared with us some of their personal photos, capturing some of their favorite memories  from their time in Egypt. On holidays, our community members will often book a getaway trip and travel around the country. 

The Egyptian people are very well known for their warmth and hospitality. Egypt is considered a very safe country to live in for this reason. The official language in Egypt is Arabic, but most people speak or understand English. Egyptians are very friendly and always make the effort to understand foreigners. Employees in tourist locations often speak many languages in addition to English. 


Our teachers are dedicated, passionate and excited by the prospect of working within an international, diverse community.

Our strong team of educators, many holding advanced degrees, brings a great deal of teaching experience gained from around the world in multicultural school environments. Professional development is an ongoing priority at CAC as we believe a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning.

If you are a fully-qualified teacher interested in a challenging and rewarding teaching experience in an international school in a unique location like Egypt, click here to get in touch and browse our list of job opportunities. 

Read below four Inspiring Stories about our teachers' special moments at CAC and in Egypt.




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