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Faculty in the Spotlight - Meghan Ennis 


MeghanEnnisPhoto2Meghan Ennis - CAC Librarian 

Originally from New York, Meghan Ennis joined the CAC family 11 years ago. Before coming to Egypt, Meghan was in South Korea for 4 years where she worked as an ELL teacher. With a passion for education and exploration, Meghan continued to look for opportunities for teaching overseas. When she first came to Egypt, little did she know that she would be meeting her future husband, having 2 beautiful children and staying in Cairo for as long as 11 years. 

She first joined the school as an ELL teacher in the Elementary school for 2 years and then to the Middle School for the next 7 years. During this time, she worked hard on finishing her Library Degree. She was successful in finishing it just in time to apply for the Librarian position. 

Meghan met her British husband who also currently works at CAC, Mark, in Egypt. Mark was working at another international school in Cairo before joining CAC. Today, they have two children together; the older one already joined the CAC community while the younger one is set to join next year. Their children were both born in Egypt and have lived here their whole lives.

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When asked how long she plans to stay in Egypt, Meghan responded that whenever she leaves Egypt, it will be incredibly hard.  Egypt is now her home and her small children, who were born here, even consider themselves Egyptian.   

“Looking back at what it was like, when I first came to Egypt, so much has changed,” added Meghan. During her first years in Egypt, the country was undergoing very unusual political changes, during the 2011 Revolution. It was a time of uncertainty for everyone, but even then, Meghan always felt safe in the country. “The longer I have been here, the safer it felt,” she added. 


MeghanEnnisPhoto3Having been here for a long time, Meghan got to see a lot of faculty and staff come and go. “I have actually been here long enough, to have seen some people leave, and eventually come back again. I think that CAC is a very special place to be. It’s such a strong community that the people who come tend not to stray from it too far,” she emphasized. 

Like many of the CAC expat community, Meghan describes Egypt as a country that is easy to love, and the school is happy to be a home for these families where they can grow, learn and explore together, all while making lifetime friendships and memories. 


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