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Our after-school athletics program serves students at all grade levels, with Elementary School, Middle School, and High School teams engaging in events within CISSA (Cairo International School Sports Association), one of the Cairo international schools sports leagues with membership of 14 international schools in Cairo. CISSA participation is for varsity, JV, middle school, and elementary school teams, including both tournaments and friendly games, with many CAC teams participating. CISSA hosts successful elementary tournaments and events, middle school tournaments for boys and girls at the U12 and U14 levels, and high school tournaments for JV (U16) and varsity levels.

Our high school teams compete in the International School Athletic Association (ISAA), with travel opportunities to ISAA tournaments hosted in Europe and the Middle East in multiple sports, as well as some invitational tournaments. ISAA is an organization providing varsity end of season tournaments, with some junior division participation in cross-country, swimming, and track & field.

There are many sports offered as part of the after school activities program (ASAs) for our Elementary School students to choose from. These are complemented by opportunities for competition in local friendly tournaments with other CISSA or area school members.

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In 2020- 2021, CAC continues with membership in ISAA ( International Schools Athletics Association,) an new athletic sports league entering the second year of existence after very successful fall tournaments last year. ISAA is made up of  15 international schools in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Varsity sports programs will remain at CAC, with ISAA tournaments at similar times of year as in the long history of CAC sports.

ISAA – International School Athletics Association.





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