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Faculty in the Spotlight - Monte Davis 


IMG 5439Monte Davis, is an Elementary School classroom teacher at CAC. Mr. Davis has been with us for a remarkable 41 years, having received a 40-year plaque just last year. Originally from Chicago, Monte grew up in Ohio in the United States. This is where he goes back to when he feels like visiting home.  

One of Monte's greatest passions is teaching. We sat down with him to learn more about why he chose to stay in Egypt and in CAC in specific for this long. “I was in another international school here in Egypt for two years. I went back to the United States where I experienced reverse culture shock and immediately knew I longed to go back to Egypt,” he explains. It was during this time that Monte heard about the teaching opportunity at CAC. Having spent two years in Egypt, Davis knew well the reputation that CAC had since its inception, for having a diverse and caring community, and for being the best international school in the region. 

He went ahead and started the application process, and that was when his inspiring journey at the school began. It was here where Monte met his then future wife. “I really enjoyed teaching here, and being a part of this wonderful community. We got married and stayed here as a family,” he added. He now has 3 kids, all of whom graduated from this school. Monte also mentioned that his kids who are now living abroad, still want to go back to visit Egypt and their school until this day.  “As a family, we love and value the community and atmosphere here more than anything,” he added. 

IMG 5436In addition to being a grade 3 classroom teacher, Monte also coaches Baseball after-school. Another very unique activity that he is known for is dressing up as Santa Clause during Christmas. CAC has a long-standing tradition of having Santa Clause come in on a camel every year, and Monte has been a part of this tradition for around 15 years. Being so fascinated by the incredible Egyptian culture and history, the ES teacher has had his fair share of travelling locally. Some of his many favorite spots include Luxor and Aswan Nile Tours, some Red Sea areas, Gouna in Hurghada and of course, the Great Pyramids of Giza. One of his favorite Egyptian dishes is Shawarma sandwiches from the a very popular oriental restaurant, Semsema.         


“Having been here for over 40 years means that I taught some of my own students’ children which is really great,” Monte added. He also elaborated that the faculty and staff that he gets to work with on a daily basis are so amazing and are a big reason for his decision to continue pursuing a career in teaching in Egypt for so many years. 





Our teachers are dedicated, passionate and excited by the prospect of working within an international, diverse community.

Our strong team of educators, many holding advanced degrees, brings a great deal of teaching experience gained from around the world in multicultural school environments. Professional development is an ongoing priority at CAC as we believe a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning.

If you are a fully-qualified teacher interested in a challenging and rewarding teaching experience in an international school in a unique location like Egypt, click here to get in touch and browse our list of job opportunities. 

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