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What Makes Campus life at CAC Different?

CAC has a long history of operating a diverse activities program that is equal to the opportunity offered at top international schools in the world, The CAC program includes- NESDA, CACMUN/THIMUN, AMIS Choir/Orchestra/Band, ISTA, MathCounts, National Honor Society, World Scholar’s Cup, and Global Issue Services, among others. Here are some of our highlights: 

  • CACMUN/THIMUN- CAC has hosted CACMUN for 42 consecutive years, with visiting schools from multiple areas around the world, like Beijing, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Yangoon, Bangkok, Genoa as well as multiple Cairo and other Middle East/Africa international schools. This has developed into a very well run and well attended regional MUN conference. CAC has also been a participant since 1979 in the largest MUN conference in the world, THIMUN in The Hague, with multiple CAC students holding leadership positions at this prestigious Model United Nations conference.
  • AMIS- CAC musicians have participated in AMIS events- Choir/Orchestra/Band, sharing their talents with other top international school students at Africa/MiddleEast/European events for decades.
  • ISTA- CAC thespians have participated in ISTA events- both hosting and attending workshops/events with top international school students from around the region and world.
  • NESDA Speech and Debate- CAC students have shown success for years at both EMAC and MESAC Forensics and Debate. CAC students now compete at NESDA speech and debate competitions with the top international school students in Europe.
  • World Scholar’s Cup- CAC middle school and high school students who enjoy being stretched join this competitive international program to learn more about the world. The program is organized around  an interdisciplinary theme each year where students engage in competition through debate, writing and quizzes. A Cairo regional round is held, with further options for international rounds.
  • National Honor Society- NHS is an organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor role, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

Through these activities, CAC students experience opportunities to push themselves and grow at a level only equaled by top schools in the world.

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