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The following is information regarding CAC campus access guidelines. The purposes of our campus access guidelines are to:
1) Allow CAC students and families to use campus facilities safely and securely;
2) Keep our facilities safe and well-maintained, i.e., sustainability;
3) Limit use by non-CAC community members (50% of any group must be CAC);
4) Insure non-CAC users pay a reasonable fee for use and;
5) Limit liability and exposure by complying with Egyptian Labor and Tax Law

CAC has a uniquely open campus, and we want to continue to be a community resource while being safe and secure. We aim to maintain our warm approach to students and parents.

CAC Campus Use by Parents and ID Holders
The CAC campus is open for CAC ID holders to use from 5:00am to 7:00am and from 5:30pm to 10:00pm each weekday as well as from 5:00am to 10:00pm on weekends and holidays. We believe our position in the community at large is important, that we have a unique opportunity to host events and programs on our campus that are not part of CAC, but that provide a benefit to our students, faculty or staff. In so doing, and in compliance with our Campus Access Policy, we may also open our doors to non-CAC ID holders and make our facilities available to the community at large.

• The campus is first and foremost a venue for CAC students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members, and their respective families.
• The security of our campus and facilities and the well being of our students, families and employees will not be compromised in any way, at any time.
• All community programs will be sustainable and this may necessitate proactively limiting access to facilities and/or implementing a usage fee in order to offset the cost of operations. All community program offerings are subject to the approval of the Head of School, in consultation with the Activities and Athletics Director and other administrators as seen necessary.
• Instructors or coaches must be adults with the appropriate qualifications for the offering they provide.
• For any event or activity, at least 50% of the participants should be CAC ID holders. Non-CAC ID holders will be charged a fee, to be determined prior to the time of registration. Fees are established in consultation with the Activities & Athletics Director and the Finance and Operations Director.

Use of ID Cards:
CAC community members are required to use their ID cards to enter and exit campus at all times. We ask that you cooperate with this important security measure--it is designed to keep students safe. Please be sure to get a card at the ID office if you have not already done so. Lost ID cards must be replaced at cost. It is imperative that students use their ID cards so that we can track their location in case of emergency. 

- Please call the ID Office (2755 5507 or 2755 5508) to make an appointment to pick up your new card or, if you are on campus, stop by the ID Office on the ground floor of the  Admin Building (Welcome Center). 

Drop Off at Front Gate
- Please ask your driver to pull forward as far as possible to assist in traffic management (cones are out each morning marking the drop-off zone)
- Your driver will not be permitted to 'double park' and wait for you. We cannot allow drivers to block the traffic on the street. Your driver will need to drive away from the front gate, off the street, and be summoned by mobile phone to come back and pick you up when you are ready to leave. Please be considerate of all others who must use the road at the very congested drop of and pick up times. 
- Have student bags and other items ready when exiting vehicles so that stoppage time is kept to a minimum.
- As always, watch for students (and adults) crossing the road!

Thank you all in advance for your continued cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Security if you have questions or concerns.

CAC ID Cards Policy

What Makes Campus life at CAC Different?

CAC has a long history of operating a diverse activities program that is equal to the opportunity offered at top international schools in the world, The CAC program includes- NESDA, CACMUN/THIMUN, AMIS Choir/Orchestra/Band, ISTA, MathCounts, National Honor Society, World Scholar’s Cup, and Global Issue Services, among others. Here are some of our highlights: 

  • CACMUN/THIMUN- CAC has hosted CACMUN for 42 consecutive years, with visiting schools from multiple areas around the world, like Beijing, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Yangoon, Bangkok, Genoa as well as multiple Cairo and other Middle East/Africa international schools. This has developed into a very well run and well attended regional MUN conference. CAC has also been a participant since 1979 in the largest MUN conference in the world, THIMUN in The Hague, with multiple CAC students holding leadership positions at this prestigious Model United Nations conference.
  • AMIS- CAC musicians have participated in AMIS events- Choir/Orchestra/Band, sharing their talents with other top international school students at Africa/MiddleEast/European events for decades.
  • ISTA- CAC thespians have participated in ISTA events- both hosting and attending workshops/events with top international school students from around the region and world.
  • NESDA Speech and Debate- CAC students have shown success for years at both EMAC and MESAC Forensics and Debate. CAC students now compete at NESDA speech and debate competitions with the top international school students in Europe.
  • World Scholar’s Cup- CAC middle school and high school students who enjoy being stretched join this competitive international program to learn more about the world. The program is organized around  an interdisciplinary theme each year where students engage in competition through debate, writing and quizzes. A Cairo regional round is held, with further options for international rounds.
  • National Honor Society- NHS is an organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor role, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

Through these activities, CAC students experience opportunities to push themselves and grow at a level only equaled by top schools in the world.

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