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There are multiple reasons for consistent success in multiple programs, including:

  • Cairo weather- While the European schools are training during cold winter and spring seasons, the CAC soccer, cross country, softball, baseball, tennis, golf, swimming, and track and field teams all benefit from training in the sunny, warm Cairo weather during fall, winter, and spring seasons.
  • Community- CAC, and the CAC campus as the community center, develops a strong and supportive community helping to drive the athletic program- most noted by the phenomenal contribution of the CAC Booster Club to assist traveling student athletes to attend away tournaments during the year.
  • Culture of sports and activity- The large CAC campus operates from early morning to late at night, with both students and community members having access to high level facilities- fitness center, outdoor basketball court, outdoor pool, grass playing fields, and track. It is a part of CAC life to see both adults and students practicing or exercising in the fitness center, or on the high quality fields, outdoor court, track, or pool.
  •  Local leagues- CAC students have the experience of playing in local leagues, with basketball, soccer, softball, and baseball team student athletes engaging in well-organized and structured leagues that allow for valuable game experience for CAC student athletes.
  • Committed coaches- CAC has multiple coaches with 5 or more years of continuing service, with one current coach and one retired coach, having over 35 years of service coaching CAC programs.
  • Main Gym- Equipped with new scoreboards, lights, basketball baskets, volleyball equipment, refurbished and lined wood gym floor, and new spectator bleachers to seat 500 in 2018, the CAC facility for basketball and volleyball competition is at a standard equal to top facilities at schools around the world.
  • CAC pool- A 25 meter x 6-lane outdoor competition pool with a diving well, has served the very successful CAC swim program since the 1970’s. The heated outdoor pool is a cornerstone of the CAC campus, used heavily by the CAC development swim programs during fall and spring, the MS/HS competitive team during the winter, and all year by the CAC community.


1 Midan Digla - Maadi 11431