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The CAC Booster Club is a school-wide group of parent volunteers who work at fundraising for CAC athletics and activities. We strive to provide support for all activities and athletic programs that we can help with, while promoting school spirit at the same time.

The funds that the Booster Club volunteers raise through both the Spirit Store (behind Cafe Greco)  and the Spirit Cafe (in front of the main gym) work towards enhancing CAC activities by:

*funding equipment for athletes
*assisting with travel grants for student athletes
*promoting/helping with arts-based activities
*providing gifts to our senior class
*adding festive decor around campus
*selling spirit wear

The Booster Club runs soley on volunteer hours. We would LOVE to have you come out and help in any way that you would like. Some areas where we could use voluneers are: working in the Spirit Store/ Spirit Cafe, baking for the Cafe, helping at various events throughout the year.

SPIRIT STORE HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-10:00,  1:30-2:45

SPIRIT CAFE: Due to Covid restrictions the Cafe will be closed until further notice.

Please feel free to contact us by emailing:


1 Midan Digla - Maadi 11431