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The lessons learned in the classroom have been infused in my everyday life until this day.” Dahlia El Gazzar, 2021

“My memories are mind-stamped in my brain - all my true friends, people that I can lean on, and even when we don't speak for years and then we connect, it's as if we haven't left CAC. I try my hardest to bring some of these lessons to my family and children. My life would be very different if I didn't go to CAC. My CAC friends and faculty are my instant family. Can't live without,” was what Dahlia had to say to us about her memories of her time at CAC.

Dahlia has a great passion for empowering professional women to succeed. As an entrepreneur and sole owner of the Band and Experience Agency she started 8 years ago, she has digital realms of epic wins and fails to share and learn from.

Her mission is to untether the busy professional and provide them with the tips and tools to own their personal brand and digital footprint. Her advice is peppered with personal stories and tools to help professionals make immediate enhancements and become the go-to source for their tribes.



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