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Our Elementary After School Enrichment program (ASA) will not only enhance your child’s education but will also add to their overall experience at Cairo American College. Teachers from elementary, middle and high school are looking forward to providing an engaging enrichment opportunity for ES students.




Some Of The ES After-School Activities We Offer

  • Swimming Grades K-5 Open or Close
  • Springboard Diving Grades 3-5 Open or Close

    Springboard diving( 3-5): For students in grades 3-5 who are confident in deep water. This is a fundamental part of the diving program. A large portion of the class will be on the deck learning basics of body position, approach and entry. Participants must be able to tread water for 1 minute keeping their head above water and swim 25 yards front

  • Synchronized Swimming Grades 3-5 Open or Close

    Synchronized swimming is for swimmers in grades 3-5 with the previous swim (should be able to swim 50 meters continuous of breaststroke and front crawl) experience and confidence in deep water. Students will learn the basics of sculling, treading and formations used in the sport.

  • Arts & Crafts Grade 5 Open or Close

    Students will stretch their creativity. They can make beads out of recycled papers using glue and ceramic paste. More creative projects will be created throughout the session.

  • Music Band Grade 5 Open or Close

    Students will have fun playing various instruments together as an ensemble. They may bring an instrument from home if we cannot provide a specific instrument. As a final presentation, the ensemble will perform a couple songs and either make a video.

  • Library Advisory Council Grade 4 Open or Close

    Calling all book-loving and readers in Fourth Grade!  Sign up for a Monday after school session. The Library Advisory Council will plan library events, assist in book selection and displays for next year and advise on library policies for the school.

  • Cooking Grades 1-2 Open or Close

    In this class, we will enjoy cooking & eating!  We will be cutting, cleaning and making our best recipes. Put on your cooking aprons and come join the fun time. We will be making simple recipes in 45 minutes! Our recipes may include cookies, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.

  • T-Ball & Rookie baseball Open or Close

    Is baseball your game or would you like to learn a new, fun sport? In coordination with Maadi Little League Baseball (MLLB), students will develop the fundamental skills of the game of baseball, learn sportsmanship, and have the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor time with their peers.

  • Wheels & Squeals Grades 4-5 Open or Close

    Come and enjoy riding your bike, roller blades or scooters on the ES track. Students must bring their own equipment as well as safety gear that includes a helmet (for all equipment) and wrist guards if the child is roller-blading. We will set up different courses to challenge ourselves while having fun and getting the needed exercise.

  • MAD LAB Grade 1 Open or Close

    Make and Design Lab, shortly called MAD Lab is an innovative learning space for students to 

    • Have the freedom to be creative, critical and reflective
    • To be hands-on and to tinker with materials
    • Experiment with a range of resources
    • Design and work on personal projects


    Learning Outcomes: Learn, Explore and have Fun

    • Enjoy the innovative & creative process
    • Develop knowledge, understanding & skills of different disciplines to design & create solutions to problems
    • Understand design thinking and apply those principles to problem solve
    • Use technology to model and create solutions & to solve problems
    • Respect others’ viewpoints and understand there exists alternate solutions to problems. 
  • Soccer for Girls Grade 5 Open or Close

    occer is a game that is equally fun for boys and girls!  When children play soccer they improve their coordination, self-esteem and their ability to cooperate with others. 

    Soccer Fun is focused on safety, sportsmanship and FUN, while enhancing fundamental soccer skills and confidence on the field.  We will play creative games that increase balance and cooperation and also practice specific drills for improved dribbling, passing, trapping and scoring. 

  • Basketball Open or Close

    Students will develop the fundamentals of basketball: dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and basic rules of the game. 

    Students need appropriate outfit  (no Crocs or sandals or dresses). They will scrimmage when possible, in an 'intramural' setting.


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