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We believe that participation in a wide variety of extracurricular and student-selected activities is a vital part of our educational philosophy. Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular and student-selected clubs.

  • CACMUN Open or Close

    The MUN club provides a challenging and an enriching forum for students to discuss current international issues and to view those issues from different perspectives. Members are chosen and trained in the Spring semester and may have the opportunity to attend a conference prior to the end of that school year. Tryouts are held during the latter half of the Spring Semester for the following year. Additionally there is another tryout session at the start of the year for new students to CAC. The club meets to practice debate procedures, resolution writing and to learn about their assigned countries and issues. CAC also hosts an international conference for three days each October (CACMUN) which features five forums and a Plenary experience: The Disarmament Forum, Human Rights and Environment Forum, The Security Council, The Disarmament and Economic Security Forum, and the International Court of Justice. Students from schools in Egypt as well as International School in other countries participate. A team of student officers, and committees from the club membership, assist in the organization of the conference. CACMUN is affiliated with The Hague International Model United Nations, the largest high school MUN in the world.

  • Papyrus Club Open or Close

    Papyrus currently publishes two literary magazines per academic year that provide myriad writing and topic opportunities. Club members are responsible for each magazine from start to finish - brainstorming topics, the writing, editing, layout, advertising, illustration, and publication.  

    The faculty advisor responsibilities may include: meeting with the club each week; chaperoning club retreats; working with editors, accounting, and local publishers, and communicating with administration regarding club events.

  • Table Tennis Club Open or Close

    HS students meet to have fun & develop their skills in  playing table tennis.

  • CAC HS Robotics Club (Paused till further notice) Open or Close

    The CAC Robotics Club challenges students to design, build, and program a robot using the VEX robotics platform.  Using the VEX EDR system, teams of students learn how to create and program robots to complete specific tasks in various tournaments throughout the school year.  Through these experiences, students learn to problem solve, present research and design, and work with teammates to accomplish a variety of goals.  Last year our team won the Egyptian VEX National Competition. 

  • Green Team - Eco Eagles Open or Close

    HS Green team is a student  driven activity in which the students decide on the activities they will initiate during the school year. Their main focus has been to attempt to educate their fellow students about environmental issues, provide environmentally friendly water bottles and generate money to donate to a deserving local charity or educational learning program.  Some activities in the past include the green fashion show, painting the garbage cans in the HS lunch area and cleaning areas around the school.

  • Dungeons & Dragons (Paused till further notice) Open or Close

    To provide a place for students to explore their creative sides by engaging in a story-telling adventure game.  Dungeons and Dragons is part theatre, part story-telling and part gaming.  It requires improvisation, strategy, collaboration, humor and imagination.  Countless Hollywood writers and actors cite D&D as a foundational childhood experience which gave them the space to explore writing, acting and storytelling.  For many this begins a lifelong passion for games, for shared-experiences, and for creativity.   This club hopes to foster just such an environment.

  • Theater Club Open or Close

    The club welcomes any student interested in Theater. Acting, directing, managing lights, sound and decor.

  • Film Club Open or Close

    The club aims to meet, agree upon a film genre or director's masterpiece to explore, critically watch the movie, and then engage in an intellectual discussion about the main features of the film. The goal will be to learn about film criticism and different filmmaking styles, techniques and visions.

  • NESDA Speech and Debate Open or Close

    NESDA stands for the North European Speech, Debate and Acting Association composed of 11 member schools.

    Their mission is to encourage effective communication within international contexts, promoting the development of critical thinking, self-awareness and integrity.

    They promote public speaking activities in international schools through 2 annual tournaments where students compete in:

    • Debate
    • Duet Acting
    • Impromptu Speaking
    • Oral Interpretation of Literature
    • Original Oratory

    The tournaments provide students with the opportunity to improve their speaking, listening, communication and performance skills. All students benefit from the personal growth and development that come from participating. NESDA tournament awards are transitory and brief, whereas lessons learnt begin a lifelong path of growth and self-improvement.


    At CAC, practices will happen during lunch breaks, after school or in flexes. A maximum of 10 people comprise the team who will travel overseas (or stay at CAC if we are hosting) to compete at a tournament hosted by a NESDA school.  There is a Fall tournament and a Spring tournament.

  • National Honor Society Open or Close

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.

    More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

  • World Scholar's Cup Open or Close

    The World Scholar’s Cup is a fun, challenging and competitive international program for students who enjoy being stretched and who are interested in learning more about the world. Each year, the World Scholar’s Cup is organized around a single interdisciplinary theme. Students use this theme to learn more about global issues from Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Literature, History and Current Affairs. During the competition, students work in teams of three to demonstrate their knowledge through debate, writing, and quizzes. This activity will prepare students for competing in the Cairo Regional Round and beyond. Website:

  • National Art Honor Society Open or Close

    NAHS is a short-form for National Arts Honor Society and is a distinguished group of outstanding art students. They work to gain recognition through art leadership and build art awareness around the CAC campus and around our Maadi community. Students establish community service initiatives and small projects. They also participate in local art events and venues. The three pillars that define our society are art scholarship, service and character.

  • Global Issues Services Club Open or Close

    The Global Issues Service Club’s mission is driven by the idea that students should “think global/act local.” The club started in 2016 aiming to support and/or create a group of forward-thinking and capable change-makers set on improving their local communities. The club meets weekly during lunch to discuss service projects that are initiated and carried on by students.

  • Math Competition Club Open or Close

    The CAC Math Club usually has its first meeting in early September.  They start preparing for the year’s math contests and competitions as well as peer tutoring opportunities.

  • CAC Team in CASL B League Open or Close

    CAC will sponsor a coed team to play in the CASL B league, with games on Fridays from late August through early December, at the Victory College field. This is a great opportunity for CAC female and male students to play softball in preparation for the CAC softball and baseball teams, or purely for recreation. Go CAC Softball/Baseball."

  • Science Magazine Club Open or Close
    Students would be able to explore their interest in sciences and publish through a formal science magazine.
    The objectives are: Discover new topics that students didn’t know before/ explore various ranges of science/ research the concepts students are interested in/ share the findings with others through magazines.
  • Badminton Club Open or Close

    The Badminton club is meant to allow students to engage in physical activity in a safe environment so that they are able to have a fun and engaging activity with their peers and friends.

  • CAC-stem Open or Close

    The club members organize and create educational programs with a school called Tawasol and teach them all about engineering.

  • Anime Club Open or Close

    The club will essentially revolve around the participants engaging in watching, discussing and analyzing different kinds of anime and how it has been made. From art style, to character development, symbolism and script. The growing popularity of the topic in this generation is very immense and this would be a great opportunity to formally engage in it in CAC. As manga is already offered in the library we feel anime would be a popular addition to the clubs in CAC.

  • CAC Cheerleading Team Open or Close

    Cheerleading is a team activity in which elements of dance and acrobatics are combined with slogans in order to entertain spectators at sporting events and to encourage fellow CAC athletes during games and/or practices.

  • Student Ambassador Club Open or Close

    The Student Ambassador Club members help new students with their transition to CAC. Ambassadors participate in the New Student Orientation, helping the new students understand their schedule, tour the campus, and answer any questions they may have about CAC or Cairo. Ambassadors also assist the counselors with the University Admissions representative visits, acting as a helper and student representative for that visitor. Ambassadors are expected to model the CAC core values in their capacity.


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