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Imagine yourself being on campus at CAC, on your first day of middle school. Here is what your day would look like: The middle school at CAC offers many academic, extra-curricular, and elective experiences,  all designed to develop the interests of our young adolescents as they find their independence and self-identity. Our faculty’s role is to ensure that students are challenged academically in an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and offers opportunities for them to pursue their passion, meet challenges and develop their independence. 

We begin the day with our daily grade-level advisory program. The purpose of this advisory program is to build relationships between students with each other, as well as with their teachers. It is also to develop the students’ social and emotional well being.  

This program involves grade-level students coming together in small groups of no more than 10, to have activities and conversations about social justice, and about anything current that impacts them as students. In addition, once per week, they will have their Wellness Wednesday. On this day they have the option of choosing one of the four activities; Meditation, Yoga, Walking and Stretching. 

Moreover, all students who enter the CAC Middle School at Grade 6 are introduced to six exploratory courses in their first year. Here is a brief overview of what each course offers: 

Health and Education: The main units cover nutrition, body systems, peer pressure, stress management, and more.

Make a Difference: Throughout this course the students will work on guided service projects which will help in increasing their knowledge and understanding of society, and developing their self esteem and responsibility.

Exploratory Drama: In the drama wheel students create and perform a collaborative skit (group performance). Throughout the 6-weeks course students work to develop some basic drama skills and knowledge pertaining to vocal and physical expression. Emphasis is placed on creation, fun, and exploration.

Music Exploration: Students will explore a myriad of topics in a challenging, fun and supportive environment. Students will work on discovering their voice, will learn vocal techniques, basic music theory, note reading skills, and will learn more about rhythm through playing instruments. Students will rehearse different genres of music. They will have the chance to create music through improvisation, composition, and arrangements of musical compositions. They will also be prepared to enter in the Choir or Band classes depending on their abilities and talents.

Design Technology: Students will develop their problem-solving, designing and model-building skills in an exploratory course focused on the Design Cycle. As they work through the Design Process their projects will culminate in hands-on activities. The students will deepen their understanding of using a design cycle by engaging in multiple projects in a variety of media, including video, vector graphics, and structures.


Art Mastery: This six-weeks introductory course designed for six grade students incorporates art activities which center on using a variety of media to help guide students to explore basic art concepts. The primary emphasis in student learning is on color theory, craftsmanship, and understanding and recognizing what makes a stable composition. During this six-week course, students will participate in class discussions, develop creative problem-solving skills, and connect key concepts between the visual arts and other subject areas.

In addition, in between each class, there is a short break allocated for bonding and relaxing. Towards the end of the  day, the students get to choose from a wide variety of after-school activities from music performances, to drama production to community service. 

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