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The CAC HS Counselors work in partnership with students, parents, and staff to provide a comprehensive counseling program that aligns with our school's mission and core values.   We seek to enhance our student body's desire to contribute to a global world by fostering culturally, socially and environmentally minded, responsible and respectful young adults who have a sense of confidence and  aspire to take an active role in creating a brighter future. 

The CAC Counselors are student advocates who believe in each student's intrinsic worth.  We seek to create a community atmosphere in which all members feel safe, valued, supported and encouraged to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.   It is our mission to provide proactive and responsive services to meet the needs of our community.   Our program is continually evolving to assist students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and college/career awareness in our ever changing society.   


The internet is filled with thousands of web sites related to college, i.e. majors, financial aid, admission testing, careers, and much more. In today's digital world, the information highway is expanding at a phenomenal rate, and we must use our 21st Century Skills to assess the validity of the content we are presented on the internet.  The CAC Counselors have provided the links to some of their favorite web sites to assist you in your research.

• Career Planning
• College Planning
 College Finder sites
 Admission Testing- Online registration
Online Applications
• Financial Aid
• Rankings
• Others


In grades 9 through 12, one credit is awarded for each one-year course completed with a passing mark of D-. One half-credit is earned for a one-semester course. A minimum of 25 credits is required for graduation. Students may transfer no more than 8 credits per year from another school. To qualify for graduation, students must be at CAC their entire senior year.

Recommended College
Prep Course of Study
Graduation Requirements
for Class of 2005 onwards

Social Studies*



World Languages


Physical Education

Visual & Performing Arts


4 credits

3-4 credits

3-4 credits

3-4 credits

2-3 credits

.5 credit

1.5 credits

2-3 credits

6-7 credits

26-28 credits

4 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

2 credits

.5 credit

1.5 credits

2 credits

6 credits

25 credits

* US History is required for all US passport holders.  This requirement is waived for full IB diploma candidates.

** A student who transfers to CAC and enrolls in the full IB diploma program is expected to fulfill as many graduation requirements as possible as permitted by the schedule.  In some cases, if a course will not fit in with the schedule, a credit of Art/PE may be waived.
*** Any course taken beyond the number of units required in a given subject area is regarded as an elective in that subject area.


Universities in the United States:

ULinks (Comprehensive list of college and universities)

The Common Application (One application for over 500 colleges/universities)

FairTest: The National Center for Fair and Open Testing (See which colleges do not require you to submit SAT/ACT scores)

Additional sites to assist in your search for the best fit:

College Board's Big Future

College Confidential (Try the Super Match)

College View


Colleges That Change Lives

University Headquarters Resource Center

University Headquarters College Sources by Major



This program contains information to assist students in planning a high school program that meets individual needs and goals. Please be aware that the listing of a course description does not guarantee that the course will be offered in the 2023-2024 master schedule, nor that a course will fit into a student’s schedule. Courses will be scheduled on the basis of student interest, sufficient enrollment, and the most effective use of teachers’ time. Typically, a minimum of six students must be enrolled in a course in order for that course to be offered. In low enrollment courses, students may be required to sign a document that waives the ability to drop the course. In addition, the School reserves the right to cancel any course for administrative reasons.


Each student’s course selections will be reviewed and approved by parents and counselors. IB course selections are also approved by the IB Coordinator to ensure those selected are appropriate and meet both personal and program criteria. Careful initial selection of courses by students and parents is very important; it is extremely difficult to change or rearrange individual programs after the master schedule is set.

If you have any questions regarding your course selections, please be sure to see your counselor.

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Elective Courses
IB Diploma Courses


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