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Cairo American College has always been a leader and pioneer in the field of education in Egypt. It is no surprise that CAC was the first school in Egypt to have its Graduation Ceremony at the Pyramids in the seventies.This has been and always will be a trademark that CAC is known for.

Since our community is composed of students from all over the world, who all have a passion for our wonderful host country, it only made sense to hold the graduation ceremony at the most famous Ancient Egyptian Site. 



Every year, our graduates gather in the early morning by 5 AM at the school to be ready for the ceremony by 8:00 AM. It is a day full of excitement, happiness and optimism for our graduates. 

During this time they enjoy taking some spectacular photos with the Pyramids. After covid-19 restrictions in the year 2020, luckily CAC was able to uphold the same tradition and allow the graduates to conduct the ceremony there. With all the social distancing and mitigation steps, our graduates are able to throw their Graduation Caps into the warm air, with the Ancient Egyptians looking over them. 


Last week Seniors took part in the annual ‘Graduate Walk’ on campus. Graduating students walked through the ES, MS, and HS halls and were applauded by the assembled students. A great way to bring our graduation celebration to campus to share with all students.

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