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Ever wondered what a Week Without Walls truly signifies? For those well-versed in our CAC educational philosophy, it's more than a mere catchphrase; it embodies our commitment to delivering a transformative education that transcends the confines of traditional classrooms. The Week Without Walls (WWW) is our answer – a unique opportunity for students to step outside the classroom and immerse themselves in learning through service, action, and travel.

This year, our High School students embarked on ventures that are indeed worth highlighting. Let's delve deeper into their WWW journey.

In Vietnam, during the Village House Build course, students were confronted with challenging living conditions, instilling in them empathy and a strong sense of community. Witnessing these circumstances instilled a drive to contribute positively and highlighted the significance of lending a helping hand to those in need.


On the Croatian adventure, students discovered the great outdoors, unplugging from technology and embracing the serenity of nature. Conquering the mountain summit became a powerful metaphor for personal growth, teaching them the value of persistence and surpassing their perceived limitations.


The Photography in Cairo course provided students with a distinctive lens to view the world and its diversity. Through capturing diverse subjects, students uncovered the innate beauty in every aspect. Observing the myriad perspectives showcased in their classmates’ photos offered an invaluable lesson on the diverse ways individuals perceive the world.


From the global trainers coaching the sports camp in Cairo, students received exposure to international sports strategies and tactics. Engaging in drills and analysis expanded their comprehension of the global sports arena.

Sports Camp

For beginners in the Golf Academy, professional coaches instilled golf etiquette, techniques, and the importance of tracking progress. This journey in mastering the sport instilled patience, mental acuity, and the gratification that accompanies skill development.


The scuba diving experiences imparted lessons in precision, readiness, and the repercussions of minor mistakes. These translated into discipline and responsibility that transcended into all aspects of their lives.

Scuba Diving

These experiences merely scratch the surface of the wealth of knowledge and growth our students encountered during their WWW journey. As they continue to expand their global awareness and grasp the world around them, we eagerly anticipate how they will draw upon these experiences as guiding lights in their future endeavors.


Special thanks to our High School Yearbook class for their invaluable insights and reflections, which greatly contributed to the development of this article.




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