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CAC follows a strict and precise mitigation protocol to avoid the spread of Covid-19 virus around the school. These precautions include temperature checks at the gate, hand sanitizing at all times, and the requirement of everyone on campus to wear a mask at all times. In addition to these steps, there is a very strict and detailed contact tracing protocol, that is overseen by the health office. 


The contact tracing entails that the health office get in touch with the confirmed Covid-19 case, and see who were their close contacts at the last days they were at the school. These contacts are also informed by phone. Depending on the proximity of each other, some contacts are asked to stay at home. This includes all contacts’; students, faculty staff and CAC community. 


Inside the classrooms, all desks are 2 meters apart and students must keep their masks on covering the face and nose at all times, ensuring a safe learning environment. CAC’s resident Doctor is approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and follows all FDA recommendations and procedures. 


CAC applies a strict sanitizing procedure across the campus and facilities. Classrooms are consistently sanitized after the day ends when the students leave. Benches, tables and all seating areas, are sanitized several times a day, after each break. In addition, our Pre-K classrooms are sanitized after each class. 


CAC also regularly provides updates about any confirmed cases within the CAC community. 

For more information about out protocol please visit:


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